Kassahun Tegegne

(PhD, Associate Professor)

Vice President for Academics
Phone number : +251918703807
                                                                         e-mail: kassteg@gmail.com

The Academic Vice President has leadership responsibilities for planning, implementing, and coordinating the educational programs of the university. In assuming these responsibilities, the Vice President work closely with Academic Deans, Directors, and other Administrators, and members of the University. The Academic Vice President is accountable to the President and supervise different Colleges/Faculties/Institute/Schools and Academic Directorates.
The academic units under Academic Vice Presidents are:

  1. Colleges/Faculties/Institutes/Schools(11)
  2. Academic Programs Directorate
  3. Educational Quality  Assurance and Audit Directorate
  4. Postgraduate Programs Directorate
  5. Exam Center Directorate
  6. Continuing and Distance Education Directorate
  7. Library and Documentations Services Directorate
  8. Registrar and Alumni Directorate
  9. Deliverology Unit