Yared Sahile Beyene

 Director, Finance & Budget Directorate  
Phone number : +251-(0)91-852-2753 
Office number : +251-(0)58-211-7642 
e-mail: yaredsahlae@gmail.com
UoG’s Finance & Budget Directorate’s


Plan and administer University’s financial service & and budget economically and efficiently.


Provide Financial & budget administration services in effective and competent manner based on FDRE proclamations, regulations and directives to support the achievement of University’s major objectives

Duties & Responsibilities of Finance & Budget Directorate

  • Administer financial resources of the university in accountable and transparent way.
  • Provide financial services wherein internal control system is strong.  
  • Prepare and send timely, relevant and reliable financial information to the management and Ministry of Finance.
  • Give financial and budget administration services in compliance with federal proclamations, regulations and directives
  • Prepare annual budget request in accordance with directive issued by the ministry, collecting all necessary information from relevant units of the university.
  • Submit the cash requirement and cash flow prepared, based on the evaluation of the University’s program;
  • Submit financial and budget report to Ministry of Finance based of schedule set by the Ministry closing accounts of the university at the end of each month and in the end of the fiscal year.
  • Take appropriate measures in accordance with the report of the external audit or internal audit.
  • Consult the management of the university concerning financial and budget administration.