Our mission is to contribute to the sustainable socioeconomic development of the Country through provision of sound research ethical approval on Problem solving health, health related research and technology transfer.
Our vision is to be one of the leading Institutional research ethics review center in Ethiopia by 2020.
Our core values are:
Quality in all: strong commitment to high quality ethically sound research in an efficient way.
Customer first: the sole purpose of our presence as IRB is to serve our customers and protect human and animal subjects to our best capacity in line with our mission.
Solidarity and Teamwork: Enhancing unity and forming cohesive teams determines our future success, thus; we value solidarity and encourage team work in our process.
Sustainability: we will ensure our work is demand based and is really linked to the real industries which are compatible with government policies and strategies.
Invention and innovation: We understand that our environment is continuously changing. So, designing and implementing innovative approaches is vital for socio-economic development of our community.
Care for Staff: Our success is based on attracting, hiring, developing and retaining best researchers.
Faithful to ethics: we comply to social and professional ethics, principles, guidelines and norms as well as to the oath, which is crucial for our development and proper practice.
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