Amsalu Ayenew Kehalie

Director,  Director, Internal Audit Service Directorate
Phone number : +251-(0)91-877-4866



Duties & Responsibilities of Internal Audit Service Directorate

  • The Internal Audit is responsible for an independent, objective assurance and consulting activity designed to add value and improve the public body’s operations. It helps the public body accomplish its objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes.
  • Prepare annual audit plan which includes, human resource assignment, the list of units to audited, the amount of budget needed to carry on the audit tasks based on the objective of the university.
  • Get the annual audit plan approved by the top management of the University and prepared detailed audit schedule and action plan  
  • Submit approved annual audit plan to Ministry of Finance.
  • Distribute the approved annual audit plan to all university offices which are included in the audit plan.
  • Ensure that all auditors have required skill, knowledge, work experience and other requirements which set by their job description and prepare training plan based on the auditors training need assessment, get it approved by the top management and follow-up how the training is given.
  • Confirm if the internal control system is strong enough to achieve the objectives of the university in economical and efficient way, by collecting and analysing data and also report the risk status of the organization to the top management.
  • Conduct audit entrance conference with the units which are under audit and audit exit conference with top management, and the units under audit, after finishing the audit.
  • Prepare audit report and submit to the top management of the university and Ministry of Finance.
  • Conduct special audit when ordered by the top management
  • Confirm if annual inventory is conducted based on the government directives and ensure if the inventory report is submitted to Ministry of finance on time.
  • By following up previous audit findings, enforce the university to take corrective action on time.
  • Follow up external audit findings to confirm if corrective actions are taken on time.
  • Submit audit reports Quarterly, Semi-annually and annually.