Daniel Tadesse (MSc, Associate professor)

Academic Programs Directorate (APD)

Phone number : +251 918 78 1222 

e-mail: dniltdss@yahoo.com

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The Academic Programs Directorate is accountable to the Office of the Academic Vice President (AVP) and have the following responsibilities.

  • Facilitate the smooth conduct of the teaching-learning process in all the undergraduate and postgraduate programs by monitoring activities right through student registration to graduation;
  • Maintain educational quality of undergraduate and postgraduate programs by designing educational quality enhancements plans in collaboration with the Education Quality Assurance and Audit Directorate, Registrar and Alumni Directorate, Exam Center Directorate, Deans, support processes, and others whenever necessary;
  • Supervise the implementation of the strategic and yearly plan throughout the academic system, compile their performance reports and provide to the AVP.
  • Assess College/Faculty/School/Institute human power requirements, total volume of work, the current staff load and accordingly facilitate staff recruitments related payments including overload;
  • Chair the development army composed of academic vice deans of each College/Faculty/School/Institute to safeguard the quality of education;
  • Provide the required support and follow up to the endeavors that educational units (like reagents, chemicals, lab equipments, workshops, furniture, and others) and make to regularly appraise and maintain educational quality;
  • Conduct due follow up to minimize the wastage of teaching learning time;
  • Follow up the teaching material preparation and payments related to it;
  • Participate in meetings conducted on the education and technology development army forum and other meetings;
  • Work in consultation with the Office of the AVP to accomplish the duties listed above; and
  • Perform such other duties as assigned to him by the AVP.