Dawit Dargie Bezabih

Assistant for administration vice president

Phone number : +0918704123


Duties and Responsibility

  • Supervise the preparation of the university’s strategic plan, annual work plan for all departments responsible to the Vice President, based on the mission, vision, scope and priorities of the university.
  • Monitor the availability of human resources and other up-to-date information available for operational purposes,
  • Support, incentivize training and supplement equipment to enable all employees in the Directorate and Coordination Offices to be up to date to maintain their ownership.
  • Advocacy to share information and experiences with employees, stakeholders, and stakeholders regarding the work ethic of each Directorate, information sharing, job readiness.
  • Provide close follow-up and support to ensure that the monthly payment of employees’ salaries and other payments has been made on time.
  • Follow up the execution and procurement of assets under the direction of the Government Procurement and Property Administration and make necessary communications.
  • Follow up that the budget allocation and use of the budget is fair and that the authorized budget is used in accordance with the budget rules and directives;
  • Carry out the management and operation of the services of the administration, in relation to the provision of students and staff service, and provide guidance to the premises in order to complete the activities of the base of the light base development activities.
  • Coordinating the activities of the Coordination Offices of all Directorates and coordinating with the Presidential Office and the Directorate of Departments in the center, creating a conducive environment for providing prompt and effective communication.
  • Letters to the Office of the Vice President shall direct the work of departments to the Directorate or Departments which may be implemented in accordance with the Directive.
  • Shall ensure that the Procurement Proposals submitted to the Vice President are vetted and ensure that the purchase is completed by the request form provided.
  • Good governance issues arising in all Directorates and Offices shall be deemed to result in the termination of the case until the matter is resolved and the matter to be discussed with the concerned party.
  • Present the section’s performance report to the relevant body;
  • It shall also perform other similar duties in connection with the duties of the immediate head.