Meseret Kassie Desta (PhD)

Vice President for Business and Development

Phone number : +251904948157

                                            e-mail: or

This office is structured to assist, manage and lead four main pillar departments of the university, namely:

Since its establishment UoG have been constructing incredible building to facilitate the achievement of quality education in the county. This day, many of the constructions are going on the right truck to achieve the goals and missions of the university mainly geared to be a research university. The university also has developed a master plan that will be implemented in the coming 20 years by great expectation to be a world class university. Our university has also invested a lot in ICT infrastructure to realize its vision to be an e-learning university.
Our income generation office is also working to increase the internal revenue of the university having one printing house, guest house and many other service providing areas. Agricultural products from research sites are also another sources of revenue for the university.
Uog has its own community school, which was established for the purpose of retaining senior medical doctors and academic staffs who were moving to the center in search of better school for their children. Many of the buildings have been constructed by external funds obtained from abroad.  Now it has more than 1400 students from kindergarten to grade 12 of whom, 20% of them got free scholarship