Simegnish Chekol Takele
Phone number: 0918789394
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Women’s, Children and Youth Affairs Directorate

  1. Create awareness and movement on the question of women, children and youth;
  2. Facilitate chances and opportunities for the university students to solve their challenges at university stay and in their life;
  3. Strengthen institutional structures and mechanisms to empower women in all aspects of work at all levels within the University.
  4. Device means for the proper application of women’s right to affirmative actions guaranteed at the university level and follow the implementation;
  5. Ensure that due attention is given to select women for decision-making positions in various level in the university;
  6. Coordinate all stakeholders to protect the rights and well-being of children;
  7. Undertake studies to identify discriminatory practices affecting women, facilitate the creation of conditions for the elimination of such practices, and follow up their implementation;
  8. Provide preventive education or training on triggering factors of HIV infection such as substance abuse, sexual harassment etc.
  9. Encourage the involvement of University community in HIV/AIDS initiatives and activities.
  10. Follow up the implementation of treaties relating to women and children and submit reports to the concerned bodies.