Wuletaw Mekuria Kebede (PhD, Assistant professor)
Director, UIL-TT directorate
E-mail: wuletaw.m@gmail.com
Tele (office): +251 588 12 90 21
Major Duties and Responsibilities of UIL-TT

  • Reporting
  • Searching grants
  • Facilitate centers
  • Facilitate innovation
  • Coordinate trainings
  • Develop strategic plan
  • Strengthen team works
  • Prepare working guidelines
  • Coordinate coordination offices
  • Establish University –Industry linkage
  • Strengthen student internship programs
  • Prepare memorandum of understandings
  • Identify potential stakeholders and partners
  • Evaluate implemented technology transfer projects
  • Support in protection of intellectual property rights
  • Follow up ongoing and completed technology projects
  • Facilitate the establishment of technology villages and parks
  • Provide guidance for STEM and business and technology incubation centers
  • Participate national and international workshops, consortium, conferences and trainings