Name of Research CenterYear of EstablishmentMissionsManaging College/Faculty/Institute
Dabat Research Center1996Create platform for research and academic excellence in public health and produce evidences for policy implicationsCollege of Medicine, Health Sciences and Specialized Hospital
Climate Change Research Center2012Support, coordinate and mobilize  climate change related  research  activities focusing on climate change adaptation and mitigation strategies at University levelResearch &Publication Directorate
Tropical and Infectious Diseases Research Center2014Coordinate, facilitate and produced evidences for practical implementation and policy implications in the area of tropical and infectious diseasesCollege of Medicine, Health Sciences and Specialized Hospital
Non-Communicable Diseases Treatment & Research Center


Leishmaniasis Research and Treatment Center




Contribute on reducing avoidable non-communicable diseases and related public health problems


Promoting research on Leishmaniasis and serve as a treatment center and on clinical trials  associated with  visceral Leishmaniasis

College of Medicine, Health Sciences and Specialized Hospital


College of Medicine, Health Sciences and Specialized Hospital

Agricultural Research Centers2010Conduct, coordinate and facilitate participatory, agro-ecology and faming systems based agricultural research.College of Agriculture and Rural Transformation
Social Science and Humanities Research Center2012Undertake societal problems solving research activities related to social science and humanitiesCollege of Social Sciences and Humanities
Economic Policy and Analysis Research Center2016Produce research based evidences on policy research to foster economic growthCollege of Business and Economics
Nanotechnology Research Center2016Conduct and Support Nano Sciences and Nano Technology awareness, education, research, development, design and engineering and technology transfer to industrial sector.Research and Publication Directorate in collaboration with University- Industry Linkage & TT Directorate