Gashaw Andargie (PhD)

Vice President for Administrative 

email: or

Cell Phone +251 911 38 5423 / +251902090307

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Duties and responsibility of vice president accordance with the higher education proclamation no 1152/2019

  • While the responsibilities of the Institutional Settlement Act are maintained, the Vice President of the Public Institution shall have the following responsibilities
  • Advising and assisting the President to take responsibility
  • Performing duties assigned by the President
  • Every public institution shall have Vice-Presidents, in accordance with the circumstances, in consultation with the Minister or the concerned Regional body, as may be necessary.
  • The Vice President spends most of his time in office work, receiving the appropriate salary and benefits for his service.
  • There will be no associate vice president in any public institution

Responsibility for the Vice President’s duties in accordance with the Charter Council of Ministers Regulation of the University of Gondar

  • Consult the President of the University regarding the powers and duties of the University;
  • Direct and supervise the University departments responsible for it;
  • Plan, direct, and employ the administration and finance of student services;
  • Implement decisions and directives issued by the Board and the Senate;
  • Communicate with national and international institutions and follow up the implementation thereof to improve the capacity of the institution’s management and management;
  • Submit reports to the President on the performance, budget allocation and utilization and other activities;
  • Performs the same duties as the Board, the Senate and the President.