• Brief history

The University’s Public and International Relations Directorate used to be called the Public and Relations International Office in the 1990’s. The office was first established with one professional who performed the tasks of various roles. Subsequently after the office started its duties for the university, a magazine entitled ‘Focus’ was founded and the office published the aforementioned article every year as its primary duty. One professional had run the office for some time until the employee was discharged in June of 1999.
Starting June 15 1999, the office employed an International Relations expert. In addition to this in November 2000, a Public Relation expert also was hired. In that period, these two individuals ran the duties and tasks of the office. Moreover, after some time the office grew in number that incorporated one director, one high ranked expert, one expert, a publication officer and two camera operators.
Currently the Directorate has grown and is sometimes likened to the eyes, ears and mouth of the University of Gondar. At this time the Public and International Relations Directorate has 11 professionals and can grow to 19 professionals according to its needs. The Directorate encompasses numerous specialties that cater to the advancement and promotion of the University of Gondar.

  • Major Duties of the Directorate
  • To promote the various and major work and services of the University
  • To create partnerships with domestic and international organizations
  • To gather and collect vast amounts of University documents and information to serve as a data hub
  • To be able to give information to stakeholders and other offices (and if it is not available to assist on how to gain such information for the applicant)
  • To pass along valuable information to higher officials and also to advise them on matters as well
  • To revise and check over any information and documents that is disseminated in the name of the University and to create an environment where it is promoted in its required area or sector
  1. Vision

To promote and see that the University’s work in teaching/ learning, community service and research is spread using various media strategies across Ethiopian and the International Community and ultimately to become recognized and well known.

  1. Current Tasks of the year of the Directorate
  • Organizes and Publishes yearly Magazines in English and Amharic (‘Maraki Review’)
  • Produces a weekly Radio Program (‘Ewket Admas’ Radio Program)
  • Produces a weekly TV Program which is broadcasted on Amhara Television (‘Mede Aimiro’)
  • Writes and publishes Daily news articles on our Social media, website and other outlets
  • Reaches up to 500,000-1 million citizens on its official University of Gondar Facebook page
  • Organizes a documentation Canter where University Documents and activities are saved
  • Facilitates and Coordinates the Ambassadors Distinguished Scholars Program (which brings American Scholars to the University of Gondar to teach and do research activities)
  • Organizes and produces Memorandums of Understandings
  • Files and documents International Partnerships
  • Communicates with outside organizations in the effect to create partnerships and collaborations
  • Moderates numerous events and ceremonies