Our Mission

The mission of Debre Tabor University is to contribute to the overall development of the country through producing competent graduates in all programs and excelling in agriculture and environmental science, health sciences and technology, and solving societal problems by conjugating scientific researches with indigenous knowledge.

Our Vision

To become the leading comprehensive university in Ethiopia by 2030 G.C.


Debre Tabor University maintains, encourages, and directs the following values to achieve its vision and mission.

DTU Motto

We have a Historical Responsibility to Answer Tewodros’s Quest for Knowledge!

What is the concept of the motto?

Debre Tabor University is a comprehensive higher educational institution established near the Gafat Industrial Village, the birthplace of the first industry in Africa under Emperor Tewodros II. Therefore, it has entrusted the historical task of redeeming the generation with an interdisciplinary approach by considering the technological potential of the world, which is at the core of globalization in a manner that respects modern academic behavior.