About the Union: the union is named as “ university of gondar students union.” In amharic, it is named as “ የጎንደር ዩኒቨርሲቲ ተማሪዎች ኅብረት::” its direct representation is to the dean for students services. It has the followings hierarchical structure.

Ø  President

Ø  Vice president and appointee of academic affairs

Ø  Executive secretary and appointee of food service affairs

Ø  Appointee of female students affairs and finance administration

Ø  Appointee of disable students affairs

Ø  Appointee of sport and recreation

Ø  Appointee of voluntary services

Ø  Appointee of public communication

Ø  Appointee of discipline affairs

Main Activities of the Union: the union has mainly the following activities.

  1. Giving solutions for different problems of students and infusing stakeholders so as to treat them as pr their requests
  2. Creating fertile conditions for students to enhance them devoting their time for problem solving activities
  3. Scanning any obstacles we may face in the learning teaching process and putting immediate solution against them with stakeholders who may belong
  4. Playing a great role in the works of peace and stability of the university
  5. Sharing experiences with unions of national and international higher education institutions

Goals :the union has the following goals

  1. To play a great role in the work of resolving multidimensional problems of the university
  2. To enhance students to invest their knowledge on researches that emphasis on growth and prosperity of the country

Contact Person:


Position : President of the union.

  Phone no: +251925829952/+251945726840

Email : shameph52@gmail.com