The University of Gondar has a longstanding commitment and tradition of undertaking research. It has a history that dates back to the 1950s and the work of the Gondar Public Health and Training Center. Since then valuable pieces of research have been conducted by both staff and students helping to provide timely and necessary information within a range of different fields. Hundreds of articles have been produced by staff members. Please browse through our staff pages in order to find out more. The Research and publication Directorate (RPD) is responsible to initiate, facilitate, and manage research endeavors and disseminate outputs. The directorate office manages all research and publication activities in collaboration with research centers, colleges, institutes and academic units. The research undertakings have been stretched to national and international levels of collaborations both in financially and technically.

The University has identified 20 key thematic areas with the aim of enhancing and encouraging undertakings that seek to resolve societal problems. We offer annual grants to encourage and nurture a culture of research work. We hold an annual staff and student research conference to showcase key work. Our various Academic Units also carry out a range of research activities under priority research areas. We also have a dedicated team of staff coordinating research activities across the University. Our research activities are overseen by our Institutional Review Board.

In September 2008 the College of Medicine and Health Sciences (CMHS) began publishing the peer reviewed Ethiopian Journal of Health and Biomedical Sciences (EJHBS). We also have previously launched the Ethiopian Renaissance Journal of Social Sciences and the Humanities (ERJSSH) and the Ethiopian Journal of Business Management and Economics. And in 2015 the International Journal of Ethiopian Legal Studies was launched by the School of Law. You can learn more by visiting the individual pages on the right. Alternatively you can directly access all the journals by visiting

In order to encourage and carry out specialist research the University has also established Research Centers. The University of Gondar is highly committed to contribute for socio-economic development and overall transformation of the country through need based research. To be focused on research endeavors, there are different research centers aimed in different issues which include Dabat Research Center, Climate Change Research Center, Non-communicable Diseases Research Center, Tropical and Infectious Diseases
esearch Center, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Center, Agricultural Research Centers, Nanotechnology Research Center and Economic Policy and Analysis Research Centers.

Zewdu Teshome Awlachew (PhD)

Dir ector, Research and Publication Directorate:

Tel (office): +251 582311130
“Achieving our aims through the creation of knowledge”